YouTube like Video Ads plugin for Revive (VMAP VAST plugin for Revive Adserver )    
Product Information

Deliver YouTube like video ads with Revive Adserver with an amalgamation of features from VAST and VMAP

YouTube like Video ads plugin for Revive Adserver can be used to deliver Inline and Overlay video ads for different offset time in content video delivery. VMAP features used to deliver video ads in content video in different position based on percentage of video completion or Seconds.

Module Highlights

  • Supports and complies with VAST 2.0 and VAST 3.0 IAB guidelinesVAST video ads plugin reports

  • Brings in the features of VMAP as well

  • Capable of displaying third-party wrapper ads

  • Easy to install and integrate

  • Video response and ad engagement tracking

  • Accurate report view and export functionality


Using Video Multiple Ad Playlist (VMAP) publishers can set up breaks within a single ad-tag. Ad break parameters include the time interval of each break, the type of ads and the number of ads allowed in each break.


VAST features

Linear Ads/Inline Ads

Non-linear Ads/ Overlay Video Ads

Companion Ads

Video Ad Pods

Skippable Ads

Wrapper Ads

Event tracking and reporting


VMAP features

VMAP features support for VMAP 1.0 and VMAP video ads created with multiple ad slots.

Ad break elements
- Time
- Percentage
- Repeat after

Ad Tag URL
- Internal VAST tags
- External VAST tags
- Allow multiple ads

Video delivery methods

• Streaming (RMTP)                       • Progressive (HTTP)                     • Third-party VAST tags

video players

The video ads get displayed in all VAST 2.0 and VAST 3.0 compatible video players. Some of the common ones are listed below

• JW player        • Video.JS           • Flow player                    • Ooyala              • Brightcove      • Fluid player support


Tracking and Reporting

VMAP Tracking events:    

• breakstart     • breakend     • error       


Tracked Video events

start, createview, firstquartile, secondquartile, thirdquartile, complete, mute/unmute, fullscreen/exit fullscreen

Third-party tracking events

Click tracking, Custom tracking, Non-linear click tracking, Companion click tracking


Plugin benefit

Youtube like video ads plugin for revive adserver

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