Vast Video Ads for outstream    
Product Information

An all exclusive VAST video solution for Revive adserver in the form of a module

VAST video ads plugin for Revive Adserver automates and enhances the existing video ad serving scenario in to a more advances, user friendly, and highly data responsive module that can be easily integrated with the all versions of Revive Adserver including the latest releases.

Module HighlightsVAST video ads plugin reports

  • Supports and complies with VAST 2.0 and VAST 3.0 IAB guidelines

  • Instructs the video player on
                 What ad is to be played?
                 How to play the ad?
                 When to play the ad?

  • Capable of displaying 3rd party ads

  • Easy to install and integrate

  • Video response and ad engagement tracking

  • Accurate report view and export functionality

VAST features

Linear Ads/Inline Ads

Skippable Ads

Event tracking and reporting


Video delivery methods

• Streaming (RMTP)                       • Progressive (HTTP)                     • Third-party VAST tags

video players

The video ads get displayed in all VAST 2.0 and VAST 3.0 compatible video players. Some of the common ones are listed below

• JW player        • Video.JS           • Flow player                    • Ooyala              • Brightcove      • Fluid player support


Tracking and Reporting

Advertising analysis report  

Campaign analysis report

Conversion tracking report

Campaign delivery report


Tracked Video events

start, createview, firstquartile, secondquartile, thirdquartile, complete, mute/unmute, fullscreen/exit fullscreen

Third-party tracking events

Click tracking, Custom tracking, Non-linear click tracking, Companion click tracking


Plugin benefit

VAST video ads plugin benefits



Campaign delivery report

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