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Geofencing plugin for Revive Adserver is a location-based digital marketing tool that lets marketers send notification ads or banner ads to smartphone users in a defined geographic area. This plugin is supports cross platform
Triangulating and targeting potential customer who fulfill the given location criteria; This can be achieved with the input of location tracking technology of GPS that is present in all mobile devices these days.

With the ever rising popularity of mobile devices, especially smart phones; geofencing has rather become a common practice for plenty of online and offline businesses. Once a geographic area has been set or defined, the possibilities are virtually endless for what businesses can do, and it has become especially popular in marketing and social media.

 Geofence plugin for Revive Adserver

Some retail and hospitality businesses will set up geofences around their competition, so when a user approach the boundary, they’ll get a push notification prompting you to visit the other establishment. Or, they might walk into a retail store and see a coupon pushed to theirdevice. If they download a grocery app, chances are it will register when they drive by to prompt an alert, trying to get users to stop in.


Target device – Smartphones and Tablets
Operating system – Android and iOS
Delivery platforms – Web and SDK
Mediums – GPS
Ad formats – Notification ads, Banner ads

Supported AdFormat:

 Notification Ad Format – Ads that pop-up in the notification area on Android and iOS devices. When clicked redirects to the advertiser’s website.
 Banner Ad Format (Interstitial) –Full page banner image or text ads with a close button. When clicked redirects to the advertiser’s website.

How it works?

Geofence plugin for Revive Adserver how it works

  • The user sets up a perimeter with the use of location attributes used by location services across different platforms

  • The trigger action is set, as to when the subject arrives at a proximity within the mentioned radius

  • The trigger action would be to deliver the mentioned type of ads to the subject with its content

  • Impression and click get tracked

  • If user click the notification ad it will be redirect to Advertiser site

Why choose Geofencing plugin?

Reach and Engagement

Audiences are highly and likely to engage with the advertiser’s brand on their device. Primarily it’s the right ad or offer provided at the right time to the right person. This would drive in new and potential customers into the business

Enhanced Targeting

Personalized ads or messages based on the location advertisers or companies can target people in the vicinity or proximity of a desired radius, thus increasing the possibility of attracting more customers.

Increased ROI

Geofencing enables users to send offers to people who are in the vicinity of your store. Easily analyze the response, engagement and effectiveness of campaigns by makes it easy to optimize marketing strategy for a better ROI.

Highly efficient

Location-based marketing is major step up in approaching the end user to market a particular product or service that is highly personal and targeted. This would improve the efficiency of the campaign significantly. By delivering specific offers to people based on their location you improve the impact that a business create on their consumers.

Strategic reports

On implementation of location-based marketing one can gain access to a insane amount of data that can be utilized to generate insights like what consumers are into, how much time does a customer spend at a particular place, what type of businesses are performing better, which target segment is more approachable, locations that are more suitable for expanding business. With the clear and near accurate reports marketers can more effectively plan their campaigns.

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