Emerging digital audio ads aggrandize advertising

Emerging digital audio ads aggrandize advertising

A niche market that is on a controlled ascent is what audio ads are. A plugin within IAB guidelines to enhance the performance of audio ads, DAAST for audio ads, the plugin is equipped to handle all the audio formats as well as can strategically place audio creatives to get enhanced results.   Increase in the video formats have caused a decline in audio creatives but now things are changing and at a steady pace audio creatives are gaining reach in the market.


Impact of audio ads in advertising  

Audio creatives were more than often underrated, all credits to video creatives. The transition from television to online media has caused a dramatic change in the creatives format but now a slow yet a planned penetration of audio ads is happening in the advertising market. Similar to VAST, DAAST [Digital Audio Ad Serving Template] helps in regulating and guiding audio ads thereby enhancing creative options.

Audio ads have a huge advantage when compared with other creatives; they leave much to the imagination of the listener. Generally, audios have the capacity to get into your subconscious, a tune or a jingle will be playing repeatedly in your head that is the universal selling point for audio creatives. We have enhanced the audio playing options that can leave an everlasting impression in the audience mind.


IAB’s standpoint on audio ads

IAB has provided a standard for audio creatives, similar to video ad formats audio formats also have some guidelines to abide. DAAST provides a perfectly designed structure for delivering audio ads from the ad server to the respective audio player with the help of an XML schema. This is the first formal attempt by IAB to regulate audio ads delivery. There are certain formats that are encouraged by IAB for better results, these formats have produced better results and are being adopted by the majority of the audio ads.


Linear audio ads similar to video formats these types of audio creatives are enabled to play before, in between and after the main content are played. They also know as pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll respectively.


Skippable audio ads just as the name suggest these types of audio ad comes with a skip option, these ads can be skipped by the audience. The plugin enables the publisher or advertiser to track the skip data and it can be used for improving the creative performance. This will not affect the audience experience in any way, moreover, the skip rate of audio creatives are less when compared with video formats because of the hands-free option.


Audio ad pods are nothing but a method to specify multiple elements that are to be played in a specific order, they are sequenced together to play in a particular within a single break. The “sequence” in ad generally denotes the number of ads in the pod that is playing at any given moment, whereas “pod count” denotes the total number of ads in the pod.  


Imperative Plugin to employ 

A plugin to handle all the needs of audio creatives, this ensures a better revenue graph. Thereby making use of the improving audio creative environment, a subtle approach towards the evolving market to enhance the possibilities of a better reach is what the plugin provides. As audio creatives are marking their territory in the market this will be the apt time to lead the change. Audio ads offer new options to explore in the advertising industry. The lower skip ad rate also adds to the pros of audio ads, moreover skip ad data can be traced which assists in better performance and placements of creatives in the future.

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