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Native video ads plugin for revive adserver serves the need of displaying engaging creatives that can amplify the reach of video creatives in mobile video advertising. Native ads are the best form of paid media that are placed perfectly to match the content of the page. They will adapt to the main content format in which they are placed.

Native video mobile ads are video creatives that are displayed on social media, unlike video content links posted on pages, these ads will are carefully designed to play on the user feed. The plugin delivers unique creatives for different social media platforms with engaging video content that can capitalize on the rapidly evolving mobile market.

Native ads delivered by the plugin perfectly match the content around them, such as within the content stream on apps and third-party publishers.

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 Guidelines for native video ads

  • Maximum run time for the video must be not less than 120 seconds.

  • Maximum title and text characters must be 50 and 150 respectively.

  • Video file size must be within 5MB.

  • A static image is mandatory if video loading in the page is interrupted.

  • The minimum dimension of the image must be 800x417 pixels and the file size must be less than 100 KB and 150 KB for mobiles and tablets respectively.

  • Call to action must have a maximum of 15 characters. Image icon must be 80x80 pixels.

  • The plugin can deliver videos both in a vertical and horizontal orientation. 

How the plugin delivers native video creatives?

  • User scrolling through the social media feed will see native video ads [muted] autoplay in the application.

  • The plugin ensures the functions of the video; if the video is clicked during playback it will be paused.

  • Videos delivered by the plugin are muted by default, un-mute option is provided on the bottom left corner of the video.

  • Autoplay will be enabled by the plugin at 50 per cent view of the video.

  • The impression will be calculated after two seconds of autoplay of the video.

  • The plugin enables the call to action at every point of the video, if the user clicks on the video, then it will be tracked on the call to action.

Mandatory reason to get the plugin

  • The plugin supports mp4 format through VAST.

  • SDK provides access to individual design of the ads so that creatives displayed to match the look and feel of the application used.

  • The plugin makes use of list view, grid view and recycler view in android for implementing native ads within the application.

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