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Call to Action (CTA) Promo Interstitial ads plugin for revive adserver offers internet users an invitation to the desired action when banner ads are displayed. These formats hands over the control to take action to the user, thereby offering a great ad experience without any hindrance. Every creative under this format will have two different Call to Action (CTA) buttons that will lead the user to the landing page.


A default template is followed for this format where the two CTA buttons will be present along with the image creative; this gives the user an option to choose their further action. Both the buttons will guide the customer to the landing page of the creative. The primary function of a CTA button is to aid the potential customer in taking relevant actions and lead them to the stage of conversion. By offering control over actions, this plugin has the potential to increase customer conversion.

The plugin provides effective action words for CTA buttons, instead of using the usual phrase, phrases used by the plugin are action-oriented that speak directly to obtain the desired outcome. Perfect ad placement is guaranteed by the plugin, by taking up the entire screen space irrespective of the device, the plugin makes sure that CTA buttons are clicked. Every single time the buttons are engaged it will redirect the user to the landing page that gaining traction and conversion as a result of the creative. If the user is not interested in any of the action buttons, there is an option for them to close the ad on the top right corner of the creatives.

A perfect plugin offers every option to an advertiser for making the best out of the internet traffic. With effective CTA buttons and responsive creative the plugin makes improves the quality of audience engagement in making the best possible conversion.

 Plugin Benefits

  • Enhanced conversion with the control of the action.

  • Increases customer subscriptions for the advertisers.

  • Adheres IAB ad severing guidelines.

  • Improved sales and revenue.

  • Effective options to control creatives.

  • Guide users to another content piece.

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