Customized Self Signup for Advertiser/Publisher with PayPal    
Product Information

The customized self signup for advertiser/publisher with PayPal plugin for revive ad server provides self signup option for both advertiser and publisher. In existing revive ad server, the admin has the only access to create an account for the advertiser and publisher but, with the help of this mod the advertiser and publisher can create their own account.

The plugin provides a self-sign up the link to the home page and by clicking the link the users can create their account after paying a certain amount to the admin. Once the payment process gets completed, the new user can become an advertiser or publisher in the ad network. The payment process is powered by PayPal gateway and the amount can be customized by the admin of the ad network.

Benefits of this plugin

  • The new users can create their own account without depending on the admin.
  • The admin can save his valuable time by allowing users to create their accounts.

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