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An all exclusive VAST solution for Revive Adserver in the form of a module

VAST video ads module for Revive Adserver automates and enhances the existing video ad serving scenario in to a more advances, user friendly, and highly data responsive module that can be easily integrated with the all versions of Revive Adserver including the latest releases.

Module Highlights

  • Supports and complies with VAST 2.0 and VAST 3.0 IAB guidelinesVAST video ads plugin reports

  • Instructs the video player on
    - What ad is to be played?

    - How to play the ad?
    - When to play the ad?

  • Capable of displaying 3rd party ads

  • Easy to install and integrate

  • Video response and ad engagement tracking

  • Accurate report view and export functionality

VAST Video ad formats

Linear Ads/Inline Ads

Non-linear Ads/ Overlay Video Ads

Companion Ads

Video Ad Pods

Skippable Ads

Wrapper Ads


Video delivery methods

• Streaming (RMTP)                       • Progressive (HTTP)                     • Third-party VAST tags

video players

The video ads get displayed in all VAST 2.0 and VAST 3.0 compatible video players. Some of the common ones are listed below

• JW player        • Video.JS           • Flow player                    • Ooyala              • Brightcove      • Fluid player support


Tracking and Reporting

Advertising analysis report

Campaign analysis report

Conversion tracking report

Campaign delivery report

Tracked Video events

start, createview, firstquartile, secondquartile, thirdquartile, complete, mute/unmute, fullscreen/exit fullscreen

Video Event tracking report

The tracked video events  are available and can be broken down into the following collection

-  Advertiser Reporting

-  Campaign Reporting

-  Banner reporting

-  Website reporting

-  Zone reporting


Plugin benefit

VAST video ads plugin benefits

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