Billing System Integration with PayPal    
Product Information

The billing system integration with PayPal plugin for revive ad server is used to purchase the ad inventory for the advertiser’s ad campaign.

The plugin provides an interface for the admin to set a price for the fixed number of clicks and impressions. For example, if admin sets the banner price for thousand impressions and clicks, the advertiser can able to purchase the fixed set of impressions or clicks using the PayPal account. 

The plugin allows the advertiser to view and purchase all the ad spaces added by the admin, once the advertiser purchases the ad inventory it will be added to their ad campaign.

Instructions to be followed by admin and advertiser

Admin login

The user has to log in as admin and switch to “my account tab”. 

The section allows a user to access PayPal id and notify id. When the advertiser had made the payment in PayPal, the notification email will be sent to notify id.

In new tab, the admin can add following details they are

Cost of impressions   

The plugin sets the price amount for thousand impressions as $4

Impressions: 1000

Clicks: 0

Cost: $4

Cost of clicks

The plugin sets the price amount for thousand clicks as $10

Impressions: 0

Clicks: 1000

Cost: $10     

Advertiser login

The user has to log in as advertiser and switch to “add inventory” tab.

In that section, the advertiser can view all the ad inventories add by admin. 

From the available inventories, the advertiser can choose a number of clicks or impressions and campaign id, the drop list box is provided for choosing the details.   

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