Bidding System – Basic    
Product Information

Bidding system – basic plugin for revive ad server is used to display the ads based on the priority of the advertiser. The priority can be the revenue of the user earned from a particular banner. To enable this option, the user has to select campaign edit section in revive adserver and find the field for the banner bidding rate.

By using the field, the advertiser can set the revenue for the particular banner. Once the revenue has changed for the banner, the weight of the campaign will be modified within one hour of duration.

To increase campaign weight, the advertiser can bid for increased amount. If the advertiser needs normal bidding system, the user can refer the relevant products called billing system integration and billing module.

Benefits of the plugin

  • The user can deliver the banners according to the priority of the advertiser.
  • The plugin helps the advertiser to increase the weight of the campaign.

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