Bidding System - Zone ( With Source Code )    
Product Information

The bidding system zone is introduced for revive ad server users, to provide an option to bid a zone. Using this application, the advertiser can convert the existing ad server into a bidding system and with the help of it they can bid on the desired zone easily in a faster manner. The plug-in for revive ad server has an advertiser panel which allow the user to filter or view the available zone.

The advertiser can bid in any listed zone and our system will set the parameters for priority and weight of the banner. According to the parameters, the banner will get delivered to the specified zone which has the highest bid rate.

The zones which have the highest rate will be displayed twice than the lowest bid rate; the advertiser can make the wiser choice with the available options. The admin can set the revenue percentage to be shared with other publishers using the admin panel. If the users are in need of the normal billing system they can choose some of our other billing products.

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