Anti-Ad Blocker-How to curb Ad blocks from your Ad Serving Platform?

Anti-Ad Blocker-How to curb Ad blocks from your Ad Serving Platform?



Simple yet an effective way to increase revenue, Anti-Ad Blocker for Revive Adserver, a significant step towards enhanced creatives.  


Anti-Ad Blocker plugin, the perfect plugin which is capable of overcoming enabled Ad Blocker add-ons in browsers. Overcoming an Ad blocker doesn’t necessarily mean causing hindrance to the internet user.  The plugin is capable of approaching the user in a subtle yet engaging way; it can bypass the Blocker and also can enhance the creative.


The plugin can deliver default revive ad banners that are blocked by the add-ons, majority of the time Adtag are blocked by Ad blockers but it won’t matter anymore, thanks to Anti-Ad Blocker. Single time configuration is sufficient for the plugin to handle hindrance faced while displaying the creatives. The plugin can amplify the revenue graph for both the publisher and advertiser; it also helps the publisher to recover the loss in revenue that is caused by Ad blocker.


Ad-Blocker Vs Anti-Ad Blocker

Ad blocker, a program that is capable of removing various creative formats from a Web user’s online experience. This allows the user to surf web without any distracting creatives. Web users have different options available for blocking out creatives.

Anti-Ad Blocker, is nothing but a simple way to go around the existing Ad Blocker program, a program to benefit both the publisher and advertiser. A polite way to go around Ad blockers without causing any hindrance to the web surfer, the way of operation may be different with each program but they are set out with a single task at hand. The plugin for Revive Adserver can enhance the creative content with much ease.  Why Adserver /Agencies would require this solution


Anti-Ad Blocker- A necessity for adserver

Adservers take a direct hit due to ad blockers. It may be either Adservers or Ad agencies; revenue generated is tumbling down due to ad blockers. The plugin will play a crucial role in improving the revenue graph, revenue generated after successful display of the creatives will see a considerable rise after the plugin is installed. Moreover the plugin performs with ease even if the updated version of Ad blocker is enabled. Adtag that are predominantly blocked can easily bypass the ad blocker with the help of an anti-Ad blocker. The plugin ensures a safe passage for creatives to get displayed which in turn can be a boost in revenue for Ad Agency.


Why use this plugin?

Well, the plugin is a notch above all the available plugins for Revive Adserver, if this reason is not enough then you are welcomed to try it and agree with the above mentioned statement. Every step to bypass Ad blockers is executed with precision, thus making the plugin the best one available to serve the purpose. The decryption and encryption used by the plugin makes sure that the creative gets delivered safely even if Ad Blockers are enabled in the browser. Most importantly, the plugin is qualified to handle updated Ad Blocker versions.  


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