An ideal plugin to deliver engaging ads on WordPress Websites

An ideal plugin to deliver engaging ads on WordPress Websites


An important aspect of the plugin is the embedded ad formats that the plugin can deliver and also the ability to add more ad formats based on the requirement. Generally, the ad formats play a crucial role in engaging the audience; based on the market research most successful ad formats are in-built within the plugin. Zones that are decided in Revive Adserver can be esily added within each shortcode that is being placed. The creative will be deliverd on the particular place and all the particulars of the creative can be tracked on Adserver's dashboard. Also, ad campaigns can be managed and set up from the dashboard.


Plugin for the Future


Therefore the basic plugin can satisfy all the dimensions in ad delivery for a WordPress site. Some of the popular ad formats in the plugin includes, Advanced N banner rotation, Interstitial Image, HTML5 Video ads. These ad formats are make the ads delivered clickable and engages the audience with the information displayed on the ads. Moreover these ad formats which are embedded into the plugin are done so after a full-length analysis of all the formats available in the market and are assured to produce the result expected by the involved parties. A revolution in delivering ads for WordPress websites, simple to integrate yet so advanced in technical aspects to elevate the delivery of engaging ads on any WordPress websites.


Use of short codes by the plugin will make things easier for delivering engaging ads in any WordPress website. Engineered to improve revenue for both publishers and advertiser, better impression, increased clicks and guaranteed conversions are assured with this plugin. A must have plugin for both publishers and advertisers who are looking to improve ad operations to the next level. The invocation tag of your choice can be place anywhere on the WordPress website using the revive programmed shortcode for the selected invocation tag. 


The speciality of this plugin is the Shortcodes that are used in the delivery and placement of the ads on the WordPress website. The shortcodes are available in different languages such as JavaScript, Asynchronous JS, IFrame code and much more. If required there can be additions made to this already existing formats.


For video ads executed through the plugin, HTML 5 player can deliver some serious uplift better options in controlling the ad playing in the player. This gives a sense of control to the user who will not be frustrated or irritated by the delivered. Thus making the ad more acceptable from the user perspective, image, banner and video ads that are delivered in a WordPress website through the plugin is guaranteed to increase the revenue through better engaging ads.


An ideal plugin for making an impact in soaring WordPress websites without any hassle, as the number of WordPress websites are increasing by the day, the plugin can make a huge difference in the performance of every ad delivered in the website. If you are looking to improve the performance and get ready for the future of Adtech industry then this is a must have plugin with which great heights can be achieve in delivering engaging ads.


The best plugin for WordPress websites for delivering engaging ads, an epitome of technological advancement for making ad delivery easier. A wonder to have when the future of adserving is soaring to the next level.


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