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Google Adx Integration plugin for revive ad server is an integrated version of Google ad exchange platform. The plugin allows revive users to publish their advertisements in worldwide publisher websites through its bidding process. When the plugin is installed in the ad server, the advertiser will receive bid request from Google and the plugin will verify it and sends the corresponding advertisement for ad publishing. The ad exchange platform will send all the received ad requests to bidding process.

Bidding process in Google Adx

During the process, the adx selects the advertisement with highest bid rate and once the ad had selected, the ad server will receive bid win notice from Google. If the advertisement is not selected, the bid loss notice will be sent.

The bid request has all the requirements for the ad and it includes targeting options, ad category, bid rate, and ad specification. The server will process the request and send the ad within 100 milliseconds. To perform, the bidding process the revive ad server should have a DSP plugin.


Statistical reports

  • It stores the data on impressions and clicks made on the advertisements. All bid requests, bid win, and bid loss status are maintained in the separate record.
  • The records are maintained for all the available targeting options. The reports are stored separately for the ad server and for the plugin.

Pre targeting options

  • The Google ad words provide pre targeting options for the advertisements and it includes country targeting, category targeting, and ad specification targeting.
  • If the options are selected, the ad requests will be received based on the selected targeting options.

Targeting options

  • The targeting options provided by the ad server include geo- targeting, OS targeting, browser targeting and website targeting.
  • These options will publish the advertisements in required location, operating system, browser and the website.


  • The budgeting option in the ad server will allow the advertiser to set required budget for the ad response.
  • If the budget has been selected, the plugin sends the ad response based on the bid amount selected by the advertiser.


  • Seventy percentages of the online advertisements are published by Google ad words.
  • The plugin can publish all types of advertisements in worldwide websites. The plugin users can earn more revenue in advertising.

Regular Price: €2,500.00

Special Price €1,500.00

Regular Price: €2,500.00

Special Price €1,500.00

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