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VAST is abbreviated as video ad severing template; it is introduced by IAB to serve video ads in online. The universal ad specification is divided into five versions and the latest version is VAST 3.0. The ad specification instructs the video player in showing up the ad, skipping the ad and to find the advertisement.

Each version of VAST differs in player compatibility and features; the latest version 3.0 has many powerful features like video playback, cross-platform support, HTML5 and flash support. The VAST video ads plugin supports all the versions of VAST and with its compliance the plugin offers the following ad formats.

Video Ad Formats

  • Linear Ads/Inline Video Ads
  • Non Linear Ads/Overlay Video Ads
  • Companion Ads
  • Video Ad Pods
  • Skippable Video Ads
  • Wrapper Ads

Linear Ads/Inline Ads

Linear Ads are served as videos and static images.

These ads are played for the minimal duration and it provides the respective timeline for it.

The linear ads are displayed in the beginning of the video or in the middle or end of the original video content.

It is also described as pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll.

Non-linear Ads/ Overlay Video Ads

Non-linear Ads/ Overlay Video Ads will display the ad banner over the playing video and when the user clicks on it, the ad will be played by resuming the original video content.

The duration of the ad is 10 to 20 seconds.

The overlay ads support text and image files.

Companion Ads

The companion Ads simultaneously display both pre-roll ad and ad banner in the video player.

The ad banner is shown beside the video player and when the user clicks on it, the ad gets redirected to advertiser website.

When the ad stops playing, original video content is displayed in the player.

The companion ads support standard image banner and rich media ads.

Video Ad Pods

Video Ad Pods have a set of sequential linear ads.

The ads are lined up to serve before or middle or after the original video content.

The video pods are structured as pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll ads.

It is known to play back to back with single advertisement break.

The video ad pods have many ad spots and one standalone ad It acts as a television ad break with multiple ad spots.

Skippable Ads

It allows the viewer to skip or exit the ad after five seconds.

The skip button will be enabled after five seconds of the ad.

An ad impression is calculated even when the viewer skips it. The maximum ad duration is thirty seconds.

The advertiser and publisher can calculate the billing based on the duration of ad view.

The skip event is supported only for linear ads.

Wrapper Ads

Wrapper Ads are capable of serving third party video ads in all VAST versions.

To serve the ads, the VAST sends response called wrapper and that offer URL or secondary VAST response.

The secondary response acts as a VAST inline response or secondary wrapper.

The URL or secondary wrapper is served as an advertisement when it is posted in revive ad server.

Statistical reports

The vast video ads plugin provides separate statistical data for the following video and the third party tracking events.

Video tracking events - Start, first quartile, midpoint, third quartile, complete, pause, mute/unmute, full screen/exit full screen, expand/collapse, create View, accept Invitation close, accept Invitation Linear, close Linear, skip, progress, rewind and resume.

Third party tracking events – click tracking, custom tracking, non-linear click tracking and companion click tracking.

Regular Price: $2,000.00

Special Price $1,200.00

Regular Price: $2,000.00

Special Price $1,200.00

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